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We give introductory and advanced courses in Bayesian statistics, modeling and the use of the software R, WinBUGS, OpenBUGS, Jags and Stan. We also teach experimental design and ecological statistics. 

Our courses are characterized by a small number of participants (max 10 for each teacher) who work on their own data optimally supervised by us. Duration of the courses is one day to one week.

Standard prize 1600.- CHF per day for 10 participants



You have data, we analyse them professionally.

We look forward to sending you an offer.

Personal advice

You analyse your data yourself but you would like to discuss the analysis plan in advance with us, have a starting aid or support during the course of the analyses.

We provide personal advice during all stages of your analyses.

Standard prize: 150.- CHF/h, student prize 120.- CHF/h