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What is oikostat?

oikostat is a team of biologists with post-graduate training in applied statistics. Thus, we can not only analyse but also understand the biological background of your data, and help you to draw biologically meaningful conclusions. Our strength is to explain complicated statistical methods in an understandable way.

Our main tool is the software R.

R is a freely available, flexible and dynamically developing computing environment for statistics and graphics. We can offer an introductory course to R and write specific R functions for your individual project.

We also use the software Stan, Winbugs, and Jags. We are personally concerned about nature conservation and our computers run with solar energy from our own production.

Our guideline is the Charta of the Swiss public statistics (Ethikrat der Schweizerischen Statistischen Gesellschaft) except chapter 2 (Publication). Our customers alone have the right to publish their results.

oikostat was founded 2003 by Fränzi and Pius Korner-Nievergelt. In 2009, oikostat was converted into oikostat GmbH. The owners of oikostat GmbH are Fränzi and Pius Korner-Nievergelt and Stefanie von Felten. During the last 5 years, we extended our team with Bettina Almasi, Urs Kormann and Evelin Meier.